6 Online Marketing Tools Best Selling Online

  • Trần Ngọc Nam
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  • 2018-10-25

Online sales are increasingly demonstrating their effectiveness in the business wars of the 4.0 technology era. With the advent of online marketing tools to attract more potential customers, promote the brand and increase sales opportunities more effective..

At present, the rapid development of the tools to support sales and marketing requires enterprises to really know the product/service to choose which tools are suitable and effective and best in online sales for yourself.

Let Checkinfun point 6 ways to help you increase your online business offline.

1. Exploit the number of users "from" the social network Facebook, Zalo, Instagram

- Currently 3 social networks with the highest number of users in Vietnam are: Facebook, Zalo, Instagram, or video sharing channel Youtube.

- From these forums, you can join groups or create your own sales pages to develop and promote the building on the largest MXH.

2. Advertising on Search EnginesAds on search engines

- The most popular search engine today is Google. Google Adwords is the leading search advertising channel leading today. It is based on the keywords and search results of the user.

- In addition, the market is gradually "naming" the same name as Coc Cok Search, Bing, Yahoo, ...

3. Email / SMS Marketing

- After selecting the target audience, you can start sending news or product / service email. Send Email / SMS Marketing

- For customers who used to use your products / services, Email Marketing and Sms Marketing are two forms of sending information to remind customers, inform the incentive program, gratitude. The highest ROI you should definitely use.

4. Create promotions, or minigames

- Organizing Mini Games, Give Away or Promotions encourages customers to shop and expand their reach with higher engagements. 

5. Selling to friends and relatives to use Word-Of-Mouth effects 

- Most importantly, you need to sell quality products to avoid distracting or destroying the relationships you create.Create promotions, or minigamesSales to friends, relatives to use Word-Of-Mouth effects

- From there, friends and relatives can introduce more potential customers to you.

6. Through the Classifieds / Ecommerce site

The most popular eCommerce sites can be referred to as Price, Good Market, Lazada, Shopee, etc. 

– Through the Classifieds / ecommerce site- You can quickly reach potential customers here. However, these classified sites often have a lot of competitors. Therefore, you need to come up with a reasonable sales strategy to attract customers.