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  • 2018-11-02

Referring to the event, most of us imagine it to be a profession that is creative, passionate, dynamic and always has exciting new experiences.

Many young people are immersed in events such as Heineken Countdown Party, Soundfest ... and wish to become a member of the Organizing Committee. However, to get a glimpse of the glory, few people know that event people have to go through brainstorming, from conceptual thinking, visual design, cost management to real planning. current and actual deployment.

What is event management?

There are many ways to understand what the event is depending on the perspective of the person in the profession. Marketers see the event as a useful toolbelow-the-line to help the brand "communicate" with the target audience in the most accurate and impressive way. The organizers of conferences, seminars ... see the event as the end result of a series of logistics work to satisfy the expectations of participants ...

Events management typically includes the following steps: branding, identifying the target audience, setting the goal of the event, developing the core idea, budgeting and implementation planning, and benchmarking. Logistic and technical factors to implement the program, review and conduct other postoperative activities that extend the effect of the event.

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The quality of the person doing the event

The basic elements of the event are the well organized, dynamic, creative, teamwork skills, careful attention to detail, good health and burning passion for the profession. . In addition to these qualities, to achieve success, the person doing the event needs to have an observation. Every detail in life, even the smallest, can be a valuable asset to a future event and sometimes it becomes the key to creating a unique, unique program.

However, for the sake of this endeavor, the event organizer has to cultivate the spirit of steel in order to keep calm and to deal with unexpected events. A successful event must be a "nudge" show from beginning to end where attendees can not recognize the backstage troubles, as a dancer still has to dance so that the audience can not receive. You are suffering from leg pain.

Organizer / Event Manager: Brain Work

In order to have a "quality" event, the organizer of the event, in addition to having theoretical elements such as health, skills, knowledge, ... need a "steel spirit" or short "Brain balance". What are the stages of brain aging?

Idea: The idea for a program is not easy. In addition to the ecstatic moments, the event organizer must train brainstorming skills and brainstorming, which means analyzing all the thoughts flashing in his head. Many times when you have to worry about the idea, losing sleep and eating is not likely to have the "spiritual child" as well.

A trainee must always find inspiration in the work, because the initiative only comes with inspiration. Inspiration plus a bit of recklessness on the basis of strong knowledge of marketing, understanding of audience psychology, attitude and innovation will always be the foundation for a breakthrough idea. .

Negotiating with customers and suppliers. Keep the right brain thinking about how to "manage" the customer and their expectations. Obviously, the audience of the events involved in the event is very different. Customers are the ones who make a lot of innovations, many of which help us come up with ideas that work well, but many of which make us have a headache explaining the irrationality or considerations. to satisfy customers. You know that the idea is extremely abstract and difficult to control.

Customer satisfaction is not easy, even an event website should be carefully invested both in terms of image and content. 

To organize a successful event, you need to work with a wide range of stakeholders and different vendors. How to manage the "dozens" of suppliers at once, but still have to ensure the schedule and quality of the program, is really a dilemma. Each supplier is considered to be one chain in the chain of events, with only one chain broken and the chain immediately interrupted and affected. That is why the people who work on the event always have to anticipate and have a preventive plan for the risks from the supplier so that the "dilemma" situation is not dropped.

How do visitors know the event and participate?

Uninvited incidents that come in the process of being like "heart attacks". Event organizing involves the participation of many people and any incident that is "at risk" affects many people and you also understand how powerful the crowd effect is. Even though the whole crew has worked hard for an event, there are still some instances of inevitability. So the brain is to find the best solution, best. In order to have a proper solution, you need to experience a variety of lessons to learn rather than just trying to think.

It is difficult for young people to learn and to learn how to overcome these pressures. However, every job has its own characteristics and if you have loved the job and determination with the job, you must always try to improve and update yourself. Overcoming these pressures, the person who made the event earned his own glory that few occupations had, and it was like the feeling of conquering Mount Everest.