Make Your Event More Professional

Perfect choice for conferences, classes, fundraisers, sports, sale, social events and more.


Nowadays, when mobile devices are dominant, they bring smarter gadgets for users. The software, compatible applications are also focused development on a wide scale.
To help individuals, organizations or businesses more easily capture and manage the event, attendees list have a new experience with check-in technology. 4.0.
CheckinFun is pleased to create a useful product.

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Simple interface, easy to manipulate

CHECKINFUN APP is based on minimalist interface, friendly and easy to use, but still guarantees the most optimal features for the user.

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Check-in with QR code

With the 4.0 technology, check-in with QR code gives users a new experience.

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Easily manage the list of registered people, email viewers, check-in people, ...

Steps To Use APP

Step 1: Download the app at: :

Step 2: Install the App on your mobile.

Step 3: Click "SCAN NOW" using the QR code (this code is included in the system email sent to you when you successfully register the event) to check-in to the event checker system on the event host app.


Step 4: After logging into the event master's management system, the event owner can:

- Search the attendees by name or email.

- Check-in for the attendees.

- Log out.